Monday, January 21:  The Library celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day and is open regular hours, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Library Staff

Estes Valley Library

P.O. Box 1687
335 E. Elkhorn Avenue
Estes Park, CO  80517
Main: (970) 586-8116
Fax: (970) 586-0189


Claudine Perrault, Director
Ext. 811

Kieran Rowser, Administrative Specialist
Ext. 820

Sarah Walsh, Development Director
Ext. 835

Kurtis Kelly, Communications Specialist
Ext. 833

Joanna Stensland, Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 838

Program & Outreach Services

Diana Laughlin, Program Services Supervisor
Ext. 834

Melanie Kozlowski, Lead Children’s Librarian
Ext. 812

Apelles Morales, Children’s Librarian
Ext. 813

Dia Campbell, Program & Outreach Librarian
Ext. 814

Cheryl Homan-Wendell, Program & Outreach Librarian
Ext. 823

Gretel Bock, ELL Outreach Librarian
Ext. 827

Patron Account Services

Peggy Moore, Patron Services Supervisor
Ext. 816

Cindy Standerfer, Collection Maintenance
Ext. 829

Wendy Corcoran, Resource Sharing
Ext. 815

Linda Wisneski, Library Assistant
Ext. TBA

Laura Trump, Library Assistant
Ext. 825

Mark Sherman, Library Assistant

Library Assistant Substitutes
Audriellen Smith:
Danielle Hess:
Katha Schweitzer:
Kathy Gordon:
Lindy Sherman:
Lisbeth Lord:

Shelvers, ext. 829
Diane Lyngholm:
Ellie Bergsten:

Technical Services

Mark Riffle, Technical Services Supervisor
Ext. 819

Kathleen Kase, Acquisitions Librarian
Ext. 817

Allison Cavis, IT Specialist
Ext. 822

Jamie Murphy, Technical Services Specialist
Ext. 824