Colorado Interlibrary Loan Services

If an item is not available from the Estes Valley Library;
Search Other Libraries.

Getting Started

  1. First make sure the Estes Valley Library does not have the item: Search using our library's catalog

  2. Go to SWIFT: Click on the button above to sign on; make sure to select the 'Estes Park Library' before entering your Estes Valley Library card number and last name. The library card number should include the slash /; there should be no spaces; and please include all the numbers listed under the barcode.

  3. Check the status of your request: You can check the status of your request any time by logging on to Colorado SWIFT. Please allow 10 minutes after submission for requests to appear in your request queue.

  4. Your item arrives: An Estes Valley Public Library staff member will contact you when your item or items arrive at the Estes Valley Library.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you have chosen the Estes Valley Library from the drop down menu when you sign on to your account.
  • Newly published items are often not available through the Colorado SWIFT service because of high levels of demand at the lending libraries.
  • Requesting an item that is already held in the Estes Valley Library's collection or an item that is not available from SWIFT due to high demand will result in the order going to an "Idle" status. Contact the Estes Valley Library staff for assistance.
  • When you are navigating in Colorado SWIFT there is always a 'Help' link on the menu at the left side of the page. This link can provide helpful hints for narrowing down searches such as articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take? Depending on availability, some items may arrive within 10 days; others may take several weeks
  • Would the Estes Valley Library consider purchasing the item I am interested in for the library collection? Yes. Interlibrary Loan requests are reviewed by our acquisitions librarian and considered for purchase and inclusion in the collection.
  • How many items can I request? Up to seven (7) Interlibrary Loan requests may be active at one time.
  • How much does it cost? Over 90% of Interlibrary Loans are done at no direct cost to the patron; items not available in Colorado will incur a charge of $5.00. When placing your order selecting 'yes' when asked if you are willing to pay authorizes the Virtual Library to look outside Colorado to fill your order.
  • What types of items are not available through Interlibrary Loan? Items in the Estes Valley Library collection; best sellers; newly published items; licensed computer software, entire volumes or issues of periodicals, rare or valuable items.
  • How will I know my item has arrived? You will be notified by phone or e-mail when the item arrives.
  • How long is the loan period? Loan periods vary and are determined by the lending library. When you pick up an item the due date will be indicated.