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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin

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Good value : reflections on money, morality, and an uncertain world
by Stephen Green.

Book list From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission. 9780802119179 Green, former CEO and current chairman of HSBC, the fourteenth largest bank worldwide in total assets (in American dollars), and an ordained minister, considers good business and a good life, and values and the common good, and laments the massive breakdown in trust of the financial system, business, politics, and the media. The author reviews the astonishing impact of globalization on human history and consciousness, and then he takes us forward and inward with personal reflections on the purpose of work and the meaning of life. He discusses three ambiguities in the search for personal peace: human imperfection, uncertainty, and hope or belief that something better is possible. Green decries compartmentalization, or when individuals apply different standards to their business lives than to their personal lives. This excellent book is valuable for those entering the workplace, those in midcareer crises, and those retiring, and it will appeal to many library patrons. This prominent banker's thoughtful perspective is an important contribution to business principles.--Whaley, Mary Copyright 2010 Booklist
Publishers Weekly (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved 9780802119179 Beginning with the recent financial crisis, Green, the former CEO of HSBC and an ordained Anglican priest, launches into a deeply reflective examination of globalization, urbanization, and the market economy. Drawing on a diverse range of sources-from the Koran to The Wealth of Nations, T.S. Eliot to Thomas Friedman-and placing market vicissitudes into a broad historical context, he contends that globalization has passed the point of no return and that, despite its flaws and failings, the market economy is the best economic arrangement available. Green pivots to consider the importance of corporate and personal responsibility in an increasingly interdependent world. Though the author does describe the Christian foundations for his own metaphysical and ethical views, he spends more time discussing Goethe's Faust than any Gospel. Green never calls for any particular reform; rather he makes an inspiring and erudite case for individuals to make moral sense of their lives and strive to make a better world despite the inherent imperfections in human nature and the globalized marketplace. (Feb.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved
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Applied stategic planning- an introduction
by Goodstein, Leonard