Taking Pictures: The Cunning Art of Digital Collage-Rich Basile, 

I don’t do photography.


I take pictures.

Literally, I steal them.

OK, maybe that last part is an exaggeration.

I’m not actually breaking any laws with this exhibit, nor am I plagiarizing anyone else’s work. I’m just trying to drum up a bit of controversy, because I hear that controversy makes more sales than talent alone. So, before anyone tries shutting this down, let’s reiterate that I don’t actually steal anything.

No: I scavenge, I scour, and I search the internet for abandoned memories. I sift through thousands of online pictures – all endorsed by the Creative Commons Commercial Reuse License. It’s a wondrous piece of digital legislation that gives artists access to free assets.

I catalog these outcast works with other, equally forgotten things. Then I turn to my trusty laptop to combine these abandoned images: the result is (hopefully) something greater than the sum of their parts. It’s sort of like digital double exposure photography. A finished product can consist of anywhere between 2-8 unrelated photos, spliced in a way that makes for some mish-mash of shape and color.

When viewing my work, lots of different people see lots of different things. These super-imposed images play around with a person’s ability to recognize patterns: maybe you see a car, dog, or both. I’ve heard the experience described as a pleasantly confusing ordeal. I’m relatively sure that’s a compliment.

I aspire to share images in a way that emulates the way we dream, think, and remember. It’s rare that we envision anything so vividly and well-defined as a camera. Instead, we get a couple of outstanding pictures that are blended together in one beautiful mess.

Even the most orderly mind is a frantic dreamscape, a place where haphazard input enters, and pattern recognition occurs. My work is a celebration of this subconscious creation, the chaotic overlap of disparate elements and unexpected agreement.

But this is what I think about my work. Let me know your thoughts. Consider supporting me by purchasing some of the pieces on display. In addition to this small exhibit, I have more that I’d like to share, and also do commissioned work using photos of your choice. Thanks and enjoy!