Visit during these guided hours to get your Makerspace Badge (which allows you to use the space when it’s available). It’s also an opportunity to sign up for more equipment training. Staff will be on hand on Thursday, February 14 from 2 to 6 pm┬áto explain the space and its resources.

The Makerspace has resources to inspire your next project. If you have old 35mm slides or photo snapshots that you would like to digitize (turn into computer files) the Estes Valley Library now has the equipment to help you do this on your own. The Makerspace also has two 3D printers that are now available for library patrons to use. There’s even a button maker (think campaign buttons to promote a local fundraiser). Makerspace staff and volunteers can walk you through getting started working in the library Makerspace, and can discuss follow-up training that will allow you to use these machines on your own.

The Makerspace is a place to share your ideas, get advice, or work on a project all on your own. Registration is not required.

Find out how the new Makerspace works