On Monday, May 6, the Library will be closed all day for replacement of the building’s HVAC units.

On Tuesday, April 23, the Library’s opening time will be delayed until 2 p.m. for a Staff Development work session.

Organizational Values

We believe in providing an impartial and welcoming environment for every individual in the pursuit of their interests. We believe in celebrating our strength and connectedness as a community, and in the wise use of shared resources. We believe in the innate talents of each team member, and that through collaboration, our multiple skill sets combine to deliver exceptional, high-quality service.  We believe in a cooperative work environment characterized by competence, care, and accountability.

We demonstrate hospitality, integrity and excellence in all we do.

1. Intellectual Freedom: Curiosity – we dig it!

  • We encourage curiosity
  • We  assist with all information requests, regardless of viewpoint
  • We respect confidentiality
  • We refrain from polarizing discussion
  • We find ways to express alternative views while maintaining respect


2. Community: Celebrating our connectedness

  • We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, and political affiliation
  • We create opportunities that strengthen community
  • We enable all people to express ideas, solve problems, and achieve goals
  • We facilitate resource-sharing with our neighbors and friends


3. Hospitality & Service Excellence: Providing the highest quality service

  • We inspire confidence
  • We provide assertive hospitality
  • We help patrons feel smart
  • We convey sincere empathy and respect
  • We look for ways to surprise and delight


4. Teamwork: Maintaining a respectful and cooperative work environment

  • We maintain empathetic working relationships with our colleagues
  • We communicate courteously and listen to others’ ideas
  • We value each individual’s unique contribution to our common goals
  • We refrain from gossip and address issues directly through respectful dialogue
  • We find humor and laugh daily


5. Professionalism: Demonstrating integrity and excellence in all we do

  • We use paid work time effectively
  • We make the most efficient use of taxpayer and donor funds
  • When we make mistakes, we take the initiative to find resolutions
  • We accept responsibility for our own actions, job performance, and work results
  • We are reliable, sincere, competent, and caring

. . . . .

With these 5 Values as our guide, we are inspired to deliver a
level of Library excellence to our community, matched by a sense
of personal fulfillment and pride in the organization.